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About Us

Daily Calm was started by a group of therapists passionate about natural health.  Five years ago there was a growing trend towards detox massage and natural ways to boost the immune system.  Our mission was to provide exceptional detox, weight loss, anti-aging, and relaxation services.  We opened our Daily Calm Natural Health and Wellness Studio in 2015 in the heart of Downtown Santa Monica and have been growing there ever since. ☀️

Over the years, we have been working with different techniques and natural remedies to bring rejuvenation to our clients.  Soon-after we discovered CBD and were amazed at it's subtle, but effective, relaxing and re-balancing properties. 🌱 

After 5 years of providing wellness services we started our CBD line – Daily Calm CBD. ✨ Together, with a top US manufacturer, we combined what we knew of health and wellness, stress reduction, and relaxation, to create a new, premium quality product that addresses the growing concern of the toll that stress has on our lives. 🧘‍♀️ 

CBD is growing exponentially in the world of massage, but also healthcare, athletics, and recreational use.  The Daily Calm CBD products are here to provide a natural solution to easing stress and bringing the Mind and Body back into balance. 
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Please visit us at our Daily Calm massage studio in Santa Monica, just two blocks from the ocean and a 5 minute walk from the Santa Monica Pier.  Use your Daily Calm 🎁  Rewards Points towards a massage of choice - exclusively for our Daily Calm CBD Friends!  😃  ✨
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Daily Calm Natural Health and Wellness
216 Pico Blvd. 1st Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(Close to the corner of Main and Pico)
Text (310) 310-0096 to schedule an appointment! 🤳📲